Celebrating Our Roots

TEGMA is making plans to celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2018.  As we look forward to that occasion, we were pleased to welcome receipt of a box of historical records from GEAPS.  

From TEGMA’s beginnings in 1918 through the mid-1980s, TEGMA’s “office” was based in Minneapolis with a group managed by Pete Stallcop.  The office was home to several other related trade associations, including a nascent GEAPS.  As GEAPS grew, the office decided to focus on it alone and TEGMA’s affairs were transferred to the National Grain Trade Council.  At that time all of TEGMA’s records were shipped to the Council, except for one lone box that was overlooked.

With GEAPS in Kansas City for its annual EXPO the week of February 27 (3,500 attendees; 450+ exhibitors), GEAPS Executive Vice President David Krejci brought with him the box of old records that had been re-discovered in their storage space.  The box had been stored in 1965 and not opened since then.

In the box were minutes dating back to the original organizational meeting in 1918 through 1965.  Quite a wonderful find.  Shown below are photos of TEGMA President Bob Petersen accepting the box of records from Krejci and the two viewing the first minutes that recorded the founding of TEGMA in 1918.