About Us

TEGMA is a North American trade association who members include grain shippers and receivers, as well, as many related business including transportation companies, ports, and inspection agencies. TEGMA is embarking on an initiative to:

  • Define its new role in the grain industry
  • Develop a new structure for serving its members
  • Create a fresh vigor to its activities

The association recently concluded a review of its activities and believes it can best bring value to its members by being focused on operational and business issues facing its members. As a result, the association's Board of Director's has approved this new mission statement:

TEGMA seeks to provide a forum where the grain-based agribusiness industry can debate, discuss and facilitate resolution of operational and business issues bringing insight to its membership and stakeholders.

TEGMA recognizes there may also be occasions where it will engage in issue advocacy on matters of specific interest to its members.

TEGMA's core beliefs include these items:

  • TEGMA supports the premise of open and competitive markets for the efficient distribution of agricultural commodities.
  • TEGMA supports business-oriented issue resolution that does not involve the formal regulatory process whenever practicable.

TEGMA holds two meetings each year: a fall symposium in a Midwest city where the focus is on operational and business issues and a Winter meeting where the focus is more on macro issues.